Graduate Trainees

Federico Gennaro
Federico Gennaro

Institute of Human Movement Sciences and Sport, Department of Health Sciences and Technology, ETH Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland)

Federico Gennaro is a Doctoral Student at the Motor Control and Learning Laboratory of the Institute of Human Movement Sciences and Sport at the Department of Health Sciences and Technology at ETH Zurich in Switzerland and he is enrolled in the PhD Programme in Integrative Molecular Medicine of the Life Science Zurich Graduate School. Federico is studying corticomuscular coherence in older adults with weak/disused muscles during walking and he follows in his research the assumption that the brain may act as a (co-)promoter of the molecular cascade of events/adaptations linked to the age-related loss of muscle strength and mass. Federico is strongly committed to try answering such research questions by using a translational approach based on mobile brain/body imaging and molecular analysis at skeletal muscle level.

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