Graduate Trainees

Cecilia Fontanesi
Cecilia Fontanesi

Graduate Student, Dance/ Movement Therapy Program, Sarah Lawrence College

Cecilia' studies have crossed the boundaries between dance, movement improvisation, neuroscience, and biology. I am a graduate student in the Neuroscience Program at CUNY The Graduate Center, and in the Dance/Movement Therapy MS Program at Sarah Lawrence College. My research is focused on the potential for rehabilitation to enhance brain plasticity in Parkinson’s disease. I recently started to work with the Brooklyn Parkinson’s Group, an organization offering movement classes to the Parkinson’s community. In particular, I am following a class called “PD Movement Lab”, in which patients engage creatively to address specific motor symptoms. I want to investigate the benefits of dance in movement disorders management, and to integrate research methods that draw from neuroscience, movement analysis, and electrophysiology.

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